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AI briefing on discrimination against the Roma community

Amnistía Internacional publicou o xoves pasado un pequeno informe sobre a discriminación que sofren as comunidades Roma en países como Bulgaria, Romanía, Hungría, Serbia, Montenegro, Croacia, Macedonia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Eslovenia, Grecia, República Checa ou Eslovaquia.

O informe leva por título “Europe: Discrimination against Roma”. Copio e pego un extracto:

Nearly 80 per cent of the total European Roma population of about 10 million live in European Union (EU) member and aspiring member states. The Roma population is the poorest and one of the fastest growing in the region, living predominantly on the margins of society. Roma are one of the largest ethnic minority groups in Europe.

The Roma community suffers massive discrimination in access to housing, employment and education. In some countries they are prevented from obtaining citizenship and personal documents required for social insurance, health care and other benefits. Roma are often victims of police ill-treatment and their complaints are seldom investigated. Frequently Romani children are unjustifiably placed in “special” schools where curtailed curricula limit their possibilities for fulfilling their potential. Romani children and women are among the communities most vulnerable to traffickers.

The Decade of Roma Inclusion, which started in 2005, aims to improve the social and economic status of Roma. The initiative of several countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia, and supported by the international community is implementing policy reforms and programmes designed to break the vicious cycle of poverty and exclusion.

Over the years Amnesty International has researched different aspects of discrimination against the Romani communities across Europe. The organization has recorded the following findings in 2006 and the first half of 2007:

Roma were often the victims of torture or other ill-treatment by law enforcement officers across the region. Roma were also often victims of racist attacks during which they were not adequately protected by the police. The authorities in many countries failed to fulfil their domestic and international obligations towards the Roma community. […]

Enlace relacionado: European Roma Rights Centre.


29 Outubro 2007 - Posted by | Amnesty International, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Education, Greece, Human Rights, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Politics, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia

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