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AI report: “Afghanistan. Detainees transferred to torture: ISAF complicity?”

Amnistía Internacional publicou hoxe un informe sobre a tortura e o maltrato a detidos en Afganistán, con énfase especial na responsabilidade da ISAF, e de diversos Estados, cando transfiren detidos ás autoridades afganas.

O informe leva por título “Afghanistan. Detainees transferred to torture: ISAF complicity?”. Copio e pego un extracto da introducción:

Detainees held in Afghanistan continue to face torture and other ill-treatment in the context of ongoing conflict involving the Afghan government, international military forces and armed groups such as the Taleban. Amnesty International (AI) is increasingly concerned about the fate of many detainees who face the risk of torture and other ill-treatment when they are transferred to Afghan authorities by the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).

AI is particularly concerned about the policy of ISAF states to hand over people to the National Directorate of Security (NDS), Afghanistan’s intelligence service. AI’s research and the work of others reveal a pattern of human rights violations, perpetrated with impunity by NDS personnel. Scores of NDS detainees, some arrested arbitrarily and detained incommunicado, that is without access to defence lawyers, families, courts or other outside bodies, have been subjected to torture and other ill-treatment, including being whipped, exposed to extreme cold and deprived of food.

AI has been particularly concerned about detention practices in Afghanistan since 2002, including detention by US forces operating under Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), and the Afghan prison system in general. While this report focuses on the detention policy of ISAF states and specific Afghan authorities, AI has also raised concerns about failures by all parties to the conflict to meet their international obligations – including international military forces, the Afghan Government and armed groups such as the Taleban.

ISAF’s mandate to operate in Afghanistan stems from UN Security Council resolution 1386 of 20 December 2001. The resolution emphasises that ISAF should “assist the Afghan Interim Authority in the maintenance of security in Kabul and in surrounding areas.” As ISAF has expanded to cover the whole country, the importance of ISAF as a detainee transferring organization has increased and AI has been increasingly troubled by reports of detainees being subjected to torture and other ill-treatment by Afghan authorities.

Since early 2007 AI has been investigating the policies of NATO and ISAF states governing detainee transfers (primarily the use of agreements or Memorandums of Understanding) and has been documenting cases of torture and other ill-treatment. This report outlines the complexity of detainee transfers in Afghanistan and demonstrates areas of significant concern where AI believes that the international community has failed to meet its international obligations, particularly the principle of non-refoulement which is absolute and allows for no exceptions. […]


13 Novembro 2007 - Posted by | Afghanistan, Amnesty International, Human Rights, Politics

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