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HRW: Thailand must stop forced returns of Karen refugees to Burma

Human Rights Watch (HRW) publicou antonte unha nota de prensa denunciando que Tailandia está a deportar a Birmania (Myanmar) a refuxiados da etnia Karen. Estes refuxiados escapan do conflicto armado que xa provocou o desprazamento forzado de medio millón de civís en Birmania.

A nota de prensa leva por título “Thailand: Stop Forced Returns of Karen Refugees to Burma. Civilians Forced Back Into Conflict Zone, More Returns Threatened”. Copio un extracto do seu contido:

Thai security forces should immediately stop forcing Karen refugees and asylum seekers to return to Burma from refugee camps in Thailand, HRW said today.

The Karen, an ethnic group who have fled armed conflict and human rights violations in Burma, face persecution and violent reprisals by the Burmese military government if forced to return, HRW said.

“Forcing civilians back into an active war zone may be an easy answer for Thailand, but it’s brutal – a completely inhumane and unacceptable solution,” said Brad Adams, Asia director at HRW. “The Thai government should cooperate with international relief agencies and UNHCR to ensure that it upholds the rights of civilians under international law.”

On July 17, local Thai paramilitary forces, the tahaan prahn (literally “hunter-killer soldiers”) rounded up 52 Karen from two refugee camps in Thailand’s Mae Hong Son province along the Burma border, 39 – mostly women and children – from Mae Ra Ma Luang refugee camp and 13 from Mae La Oon camp. They permitted 17 students to stay on the Thai side, but sent 35 refugees across the border to the Ei Tu Hta relocation site in Burma. […]

Although Thailand has not signed the 1951 Refugee Convention, it is bound by the principle of non-refoulement, a firm prohibition in customary international law on returning refugees to any country where they are likely to be persecuted or their lives are at risk. […]

More than 50,000 civilians have fled or been displaced by the army offensive against civilians in Eastern Burma, which has been ongoing since 2006. They join more than half a million internally displaced civilians in Eastern Burma. The offensive in Eastern Burma is the largest operation by the Burmese military in several years. It has been denounced by international groups, including the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), in a June 2007 statement, and Amnesty International in a June 2008 report. […]


20 Xullo 2008 - Posted by | Amnesty International, Burma (Myanmar), Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, Politics, Thailand

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