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AI report: segregating Roma into special education in Slovakia

Amnistía Internacional publicou esta semana un informe de 35 páxinas detallando un caso de segregación dos nenos Roma na educación pública de Eslovaquia, unha realidade denunciada xa en informes anteriores.

O informe leva por título “A tale of two schools: Segregating Roma into special education in Slovakia”. Copio un extracto da súa introducción:

In November 2007 Amnesty International published “Slovakia: Still separate, still unequal. Violations of the right to education of Romani children in Slovakia”. The report highlighted the segregation of Romani children within the public education system through their discriminatory placement in “Roma-only” or special schools for children with mental disabilities. Regrettably, the government of Slovakia has so far failed to acknowledge the real extent of the problem and, consequently, to take comprehensive measures to reverse the situation.

Following the publication of the report Amnesty International was contacted by the mayor of Pavlovce nad Uhom in eastern Slovakia and the director of its mainstream school, alleging that Romani children were being placed erroneously in the municipality’s special school. As a result Amnesty International carried out further research, visiting the country in March/April 2008 to investigate the case and meet with the Roma community, school staff and local, regional and central government authorities. This report documents the violations of the human right to education identified during that visit.

99.5 per cent of the approximately 200 pupils of the special school in Pavlovce nad Uhom are Roma. Following inspections instigated by the mayor in 2007, it was officially acknowledged that 17 of these pupils did not belong in the special school. Amnesty International believes the real number is far higher.

Officially, children can only be placed in special schools after the formal diagnosis of a mental disability and only with the full consent of the parents. However, Amnesty International found that many children had not been assessed at all and that the assessment itself was deeply flawed. At the same time parental consent was often neither free nor informed.

Special schools – officially designed for children with mental disabilities – follow a greatly simplified curriculum which severely reduces future employment prospects and further education opportunities for those children whose rightful place is in mainstream education. The de facto segregation of Romani children in inferior schools compounds their marginalization and reinforces racial prejudices. […]

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27 Xullo 2008 - Posted by | Amnesty International, Education, Human Rights, Politics, Slovakia

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