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HRW report: army and rebel militia commit war crimes in Kenya

Human Rights Watch publicou hoxe un informe de 52 páxinas sobre as violacións dos Direitos Humanos durante o conflicto armado na rexión do Monte Elgon (Kenya). Tanto o exército como os insurxentes son responsables de graves abusos. Xa falei no blog deste conflicto, na anotación “Kenya: army and rebel militia commit war crimes in Mt. Elgon” (4 – IV – 2008).

O informe leva por título “All the Men Have Gone”: War Crimes in Kenya’s Mt. Elgon Conflict. Copio un extracto da súa introducción:

Civilians in Kenya’s western Mt. Elgon district near the border with Uganda have been twice-victimized in a little known conflict between Kenyan security forces and a militia group known as the Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF), forcing tens of thousands to flee their homes.

Since 2006 the SLDF has attacked thousands of civilians, killing, raping, and mutilating, in a complex mix of land disputes, criminality, and struggles for local power. The government’s security response, initially lacklustre, was massively stepped up in early 2008 after Kenya’s disputed elections by the introduction of the Kenyan armed forces. In a joint army-police operation, the security forces conducted mass round-ups of thousands of men and boys, tortured hundreds if not thousands in detention, and unlawfully killed dozens of others. Residents are supportive of action against the SLDF but have been horrified and traumatized by the way in which the operation has been carried out.

Both the SLDF and the Kenyan security forces have been responsible for serious human rights abuses. To the extent that the fighting in Mt. Elgon has risen to the level of an armed conflict, both sides have committed serious violations of international humanitarian law (the “laws of war”) that amount to war crimes. […]


28 Xullo 2008 - Posted by | Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, Kenya, Politics

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