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Texas: dúas execucións máis

Texas incrementou a pasada semana a súa longa lista de penas de morte executadas: foron víctimas da pena capital Eric Nenno e Gregory Edward Wright. Do caso deste último ocúpase unha nota de prensa de Amnistía Internacional, que copio a continuación:

USA (Texas): Further information on Death penalty/Legal concern: Gregory Edward Wright (m)

Gregory Wright was executed in Texas on 30 October. He had been sentenced to death in December 1997 for the murder of Donna Vick, who was stabbed to death in her home near Dallas nine months earlier.

Gregory Wright and John Adams were sentenced to death for the murder, Gregory Wright as the principal actor, and John Adams as a party to the crime. John Adams, who remains on death row, has made inconsistent statements about the case. Earlier this year, he signed a statement that “I want the record clear that Greg Wright is innocent of the crime he’s here on death row for. If you kill him your (sic) killing a innocent man.” He said that he had placed the murder on Wright “because I was trying to get it off my hands.”

In his final statement before being put to death by lethal injection, Gregory Wright maintained that he had not killed Donna Vick: “There has been a lot of confusion on who done this…. John Adams is the one that killed Donna Vick… I was in the bathroom when he attacked. I am deaf in one ear and I thought the TV was up too loud. I ran into the bedroom. By the time I came in, when I tried to help her, with first aid, it was too late. The veins were cut on her throat. He stabbed her in her heart, and that’s what killed her… I have done everything to prove my innocence. Before you is an innocent man.”

There have been 30 executions in the USA this year, 14 of them in Texas. Since the USA resumed executions in 1977, 1,129 men and women have been put to death nationwide, 419 of them in Texas.

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