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USA: AI report on lethal use of TASER

Amnistía Internacional publicou esta semana un informe de máis de cen páxinas sobre as mortes producidas nos Estados Unidos despois do uso de armas eléctricas, coñecidas como TASER, pola súa marca comercial, ou CED, polas siglas de “conducted energy devices”. O informe leva por título “USA: ‘Less than lethal’?: The use of stun weapons in US law enforcement”. Eis unha descripción do seu contido copiada da contraportada:

A 17-year-old unarmed boy collapsed and died shortly after being shocked for 37 continuous seconds with a police Taser. A young doctor, who crashed his car after he suffered an epileptic seizure, died when, dazed and confused, he was repeatedly shocked at the roadside for failing to comply with an officer’s commands.

These are not isolated cases. More than 300 people have died in the USA since June 2001 after being struck with police Tasers or similar devices. These dart-firing weapons commonly described as “conducted energy devices” (CEDs) – deliver a high-voltage electric shock; they can also be used close-up as stun guns.

This report shows how CEDs are potentially lethal and open to abuse. While in most cases coroners have ruled that deaths were due to other factors, medical examiners have found CEDs to be a cause or contributory factor in more than 40 deaths nationwide; in other cases the role of the weapon was unclear.

Amnesty International believes CEDs should be suspended unless strictly regulated. It is calling for these weapons to be restricted to use by trained officers and only in situations where they are necessary to protect life and avoid the use of firearms.


21 Decembro 2008 - Posted by | Amnesty International, Human Rights, Politics, United States

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