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Purcell: “Welcome to all the pleasures” Z 339 (Chorus Sanctae Ceciliae)

Henry Purcell: “Welcome to all the pleasures” (1683, Z[immerman catalogue] 339). Good performance (they deserve a better recording) by Chorus Sanctae Ceciliae. Conductor: Dag-Ulrik Almqvist. Text found at Tore Frantzvåg Steenslid’s page.

1. Symphony

2. Alto, tenor and bass: chorus: ritornello

Welcome to all the pleasures that delight
Of ev’ry sense the grateful appetite,
Hail, great assembly of Apollo’s race.
Hail to this happy place, this musical assembly
That seems to be the arc of universal harmony.

3. Alto: ritornello

Here the Deities approve
The God of Music and of Love;
All the talents they have lent you,
All the blessings they have sent you,
Pleas’d to see what they bestow,
Live and thrive so well below.

4. Two sopranos and bass: ritornello

While joys celestial their bright souls invade
To find what great improvement you have made.

5. Alto, tenor and bass: chorus

Then lift up your voices, those organs of nature,
Those charms to the troubled and amorous creature.
The power shall divert us a pleasanter way,
For sorrow and grief find from music relief,
And love its soft charms must obey.
Then lift up your voices, those organs of nature,
Those charms to the troubled and amorous creature.

6. Tenor: ritornello

Beauty, thou scene of love,
And virtue thou innocent fire,
Made by the powers above
To temper the heat of desire,
Music that fancy employs
In rapture of innocent flame,
We offer with lute and with voice
To Cecilia, Cecilia’s bright name.

7. Tenor: chorus

In a consort of voices while instruments play
With music we celebrate this holy day;
Iô Cecilia!

P. S. (29 – III – 2009). Now we should thank TheCompletePurcell YouTube channel for posting a professional recording along with the original score. It is a 1988 performance by The English Concert, conducted by Trevor Pinnock, featuring Kym Amps (soprano), Elisabeth Priday (soprano), Michael Chance (countertenor), John Mark Ainsley (tenor) and Michael George (bass).

1/3 (1. Symphony. 2a. ATB: Welcome to all the pleasures. 2b. Chorus: Hail, great assembly. 2c. Ritornello):

2/3 (3ab. A: Here the deities approve. 3c. Ritornello. 4a. SST: While joys celestial. 4b. Ritornello. 5-6. B: Then lift up your voices. Chorus: Then lift up your voices. ATB: The pow’r shall divert us. Chorus: Then lift up your voices):

3/3 (7. Symphony. 8a. T: Beauty, thou scene of love. 8b. Ritornello. 9a. T: In a consort of voices. 9b. Chorus: In a consort of voices):


1 Febreiro 2009 - Posted by | Henry Purcell, Music, Vocal music

2 Comentarios »

  1. Hi!

    Nice to see this video posted here. My question to you is: how on earth did you find this? And secondly, I had not even posted any info about the concert and still you managed to find the conductors name and our home page :) Well done!


    – Anders, chairman of Chorus Sanctae Ceciliae

    Comentario por AnttuKS | 2 Febreiro 2009

  2. I found you because in YouTube, apart from subscribing to channels, you can subscribe to tags. For example, I subscribed to “Josquin”, “Monteverdi”, “Palestrina”, “Purcell” and “Bach”. If you are on the internet, not only the Big Brother, but anyone can see you… :-) I was lucky twice: found your good performance (thanks for sharing it) and your page with the other informations.

    Comentario por César Salgado | 2 Febreiro 2009

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