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Cambodia: illegal arrest and torture of people who use drugs (HRW report)

Human Rights Watch publicou esta semana un informe sobre detención ilegal, tortura e maltrato a drogodependentes en Camboxa. O informe leva por título “Skin on the Cable: The Illegal Arrest, Arbitrary Detention and Torture of People Who Use Drugs in Cambodia”. Copio un extracto da súa introducción (a negrita é miña):

[…] In Cambodia, “undesirable” people such as the homeless, beggars, people who use drugs, street children and sex workers are often arrested and detained in government centers. This report is an investigation into the treatment of one such “undesirable” group —people who use drugs— by law enforcement officials and staff working at government drug detention centers. […]

Whatever the scenario, Cambodians who use drugs are arrested and detained illegally. Police rarely tell people the reasons for arrest, or misrepresent why they are arresting someone. There is no access to legal counsel in police detention or in subsequent detention in the centers. There is no judicial authorization of detention, nor any oversight or review.

Research has shown that drug dependence is not a failure of will or of strength of character but a chronic, relapsing medical condition with a physiological and genetic basis that could affect any human being. People dependent on drugs have the right to access medically appropriate, effective drug dependence treatment, tailored to their individual needs and the nature of their dependence. […]

In many instances, forced labor and vocational training activities appear motivated only by benefits to the center staff, as opposed to the detainees themselves. […]

The overwhelming majority of those interviewed for this report had either experienced the cruel and inhuman treatment described below or seen it first hand. Former detainees report they were shocked with electric batons, whipped with twisted electrical wire, beaten, forced to perform painful physical exercises such as rolling along the ground, and were chained while standing in the sun. Many of these abuses were for minor infringements of center rules, although sometimes not even that pretext was necessary. In addition, Human Rights Watch received reports of detainees being raped by center staff. Others reported they were coerced into donating their blood to avoid being beaten or to secure their release from the centers. […]


30 Xaneiro 2010 - Posted by | Cambodia, Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, Politics

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