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Via Murali Nandigama, just wanted to share this piece of ancient wisdom that one may find useful when asking for an advise from others:

One day, a villager in India goes to the priest/village-doctor and says: “My cows are not happy and not giving as much milk as they used to… please give me an advise as to what to do”.

The priest gives him a medicine and says: “Mix it in the animal feed and your problem would be solved. See me again in a week”.

Next week, the villager comes back more depressed… “My cows are not only not giving milk but they are sick now… please give me an advise what should I do!!”.

The priest goes into his prayer room, meditates and comes back with a different medicine. “Now… go back and feed only this medicine to your herd. And come back in a week’s time to give me the report”.

This time the villager comes back in three days, crying and shaking… “My cows are dying!! I lost many cows… please give me any idea how to save my cows!!!”.

This time the priest sits silently for a while… looks straight into the eyes of the villager… and says, “Ideas I got many… how many cows you got?”.

Somehow related, also via Murali Nandigama: Why you should NEVER ask for metrics?

God bless you for sharing wisdom!


31 Xaneiro 2010 - Posted by | Folklore, Humour, Literature

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