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Congo (DRC): at least 1.2 million displaced since January 2009 (HRW report)

Human Rights Watch (HRW) publicou, hai dúas semanas, un informe dunhas oitenta páxinas sobre a República Democrática do Congo (ex Zaire). O informe leva por título “Always on the Run. The Vicious Cycle of Displacement in Eastern Congo”, e céntrase na situación dos civís recentemente desprazados (máis dun millón) pola violencia dos diversos bandos en conflicto. Copio un extracto da súa introducción:

The scale of internal displacement in eastern Congo, and the disruption and dislocation it causes to people’s lives, is colossal. As of April 2010 at least 1.8 million people were displaced —the fourth largest internal displacement in the world—, 1.4 million of whom were in the volatile provinces of North and South Kivu bordering Rwanda. As people have fled, they have lost possessions, homes, land, and livelihoods; as well as family, friends, neighbors, and the economic and social support associated with them.

Internally displaced persons (IDPs) have been the victims of deliberate attacks perpetrated by virtually all warring factions in the area, government forces and armed groups alike. Moreoever, IDPs are often among the civilians most vulnerable to further abuse, hunger, and disease, yet they have limited access to services such as health care and education. Many have been displaced two or three times, sometimes more. For some, the years since 1993 can be characterized as being “always on the run”.

This report mainly focuses on the displacement from late 2008 through mid-2010 and especially the first half of 2009. At least 1.2 million IDPs were forced to flee their homes during three successive military operations that began in January 2009; others had fled during earlier waves of displacement. At the same time, over 1.1 million others returned —or tried to return— to their homes between January 2009 and March 2010. Despite these attempts, over 1.4 million people remained displaced in North and South Kivu by April 2010. […]

29 Setembro 2010 - Posted by | Congo (DRC), Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, Politics

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