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Musica bona

Musica bona est melancholico, mala lugenti; surdo autem neque bona, neque mala… (quoted from Ethica ordine geometrico demonstrata, book published in 1677 and written by the philosopher Baruch Spinoza).

Work in progress
This is my early music selection. I try a roughly chronological index but in eras classification even scholars disagree: many composers used Renaissance style for decades after 1600, sometimes it gets confused with early Baroque and so on…

Medieval miscellanea

Josquin des Prez (ca. 1450 – 1521)

O. di Lasso (ca. 1532 – 1594)

T. L. de Victoria (1548 – 1611)

Renaissance miscellanea

C. Monteverdi (1567 – 1643)

H. Schütz (1585 – 1672)

H. Purcell (1659 – 1695)

Early Baroque (ca. 1600 – 1700) miscellanea

J. S. Bach (1685 – 1750)

G. F. Handel (1685 – 1759)

Late Baroque (ca. 1700 – 1760) miscellanea


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